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SQL Dependency Tracker 3.0

It is a program that enables you to visualize complex databases
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SQL Dependency Tracker is a useful utility that allows users to explore and analyze database objects dependencies in no time. This program offers support for Microsoft SQL 2000, Microsoft SQL 2005, as well as Microsoft SQL 2008 databases.

With a sleek interface and various layout options, this application enables anyone who uses it to create easy-to-read object dependency schema. In addition to this, users are allowed to drag any new object to be analyzed in the main window.

One interesting aspect about this program is that it conveniently allows users to include in their diagrams various objects, which are connected to the ones that have already been analyzed.

According to your field of activity, you are able to customize the criteria for organizing dependencies using the “Overview diagram” window. In order words, users are given the possibility to select certain common features for the objects in the diagram. Moreover, using this application, you are able to analyze object dependencies right from within SQL Server Management Studio. Once you finish working on a project, you have the possibility to save all collected data to PDF, XML and JPEG formats, as well as to print your diagram.

SQL Dependency Tracker is a handy tool with a user-friendly interface, designed to save precious time. Moreover, because the program features and settings are well organized, this application can be used both by average and experienced computer users.

Mario Procione
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  • Sleek interface
  • Various diagram layout options
  • Easy to use
  • Both for average and experienced computer users


  • The installation process might take a while
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